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Glass Guard Security & Safety Film

How Window Security Film Works

Glass Guard Security & Safety Window Film is a professionally installed coating that turns your glass windows, slider windows and door windows into an impenetrable barrier that protects your home and family from a broad range of potential threats. Whether your windows are hammered by storm-blown debris, attacked by a burglar with a crow bar, or just hit by an errant neighborhood kid’s baseball, windows protected by Glass Guard Window Security Film will repel the blows and continue to serve as a protective barrier to unwanted ingress. Additionally, Glass Guard’s Security Coating for Windows protects the contents of your home from degradation caused by the sun’s powerful rays, with screening that blocks more than 99% of UV light. Not only will Security Window Film protect artwork, furniture and rugs from sun damage, but Glass Guard's Window Film Safety Solution can also reduce energy usage and utility bill costs.

Don't Leave Your Windows Unprotected

Glass Guard Window Protection serves as a passive Window Security System that protects you, your family, your home, and its contents 24/7 without any need for action on your part. In fact, Window Security Film is one of the most cost-effective security solutions available, especially when you consider all of Glass Guard’s benefits and compare them and its costs to Window Security alternatives. Backed by a limited life-time warranty that comes with an additional warranty unique to Glass Guard, our Window Protection Film Installation Service is aimed towards providing the best customer service experience possible. This additional warranty provides a one-time free Glass Guard replacement on any panel previously protected by our film regardless of the breakage cause.

What is Glass Safety Film Coating?

The best way to describe Glass Guard’s Window Security and Safety Film is to consider your car windshield. If it were made of regular window glass, it would shatter with just about any impact incurred by the vehicle overall, and with a blow from any errant rock or pebble thrown up from the wheels of a leading truck or car. Instead, the automobile safety glass is designed to withstand repeated impacts without shattering, with the damage usually limited to thin spider cracking. Glass Guard works similar to Window Safety Glass in that it prevents windows from shattering; the glass may crack, but the coating continues to hold the glass together, even in the face of repeated blows.  

Professional Installation - No Visible Signs!

Glass Guard’s fully transparent, Shatterproof Coating is professionally installed with an invisible adhesive, making it almost impossible to notice from day-to-day in all forms of light. No one but you will know that your windows have been protected by Glass Guard. And while the look on a burglar’s face trying to break through a Glass Guard-protected window may be priceless, we take more satisfaction in our success in preventing criminal break ins. Window Security Window Film is the future of window home protection.

Where Glass Guard Can Be Used

Application of Glass Guard Security & Safety Window Film is suitable for just about all building windows, whether residential, commercial or institutional. Any building’s protective capabilities of its windows can be enhanced with Glass Guard.

Glass Guard is available across Florida and locally from Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples and Marco Island.

Private Homes

People who have Glass Guard installed on their homes’ windows sleep more comfortably at night with the knowledge that their windows will serve as a strong barrier against forced entry, the possible effects of storm damage, and the slow degradation of interior furnishings and art by sun damage.


Companies can keep their buildings and products safe from possible invasion by thieves and other intruders. Businesses who protect their buildings with Glass Guard may be able to save money on insurance premiums and will save time by not having to fill out time-consuming claims for items broken or stolen by burglars and vandals. 


Not only does Glass Guard Security & Safety Film protect buildings from ingress from various outside elements, but also protects people from possible injuries caused by broken glass. Public spaces, such as schools, prisons, religious buildings and government facilities generally serve large numbers of people, and are thus also prone to glass breakage from within. Glass Guard protects institutional windows from all forms of breakage, and helps institutions with the ongoing maintenance and longevity of their facilities.

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